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CAPTOR for Good rebranded as BlackBerry

Josh Bohls

As all of our "heritage Good Technology" customers know, there is a big effort underway at BlackBerry to rebrand all of the go-forward apps and services (Good Work is now BlackBerry Work, etc). We are proud to announce that the next version of CAPTOR for Good will be released next week with a new app icon and name - CAPTOR for BlackBerry. The underlying application is the same as before although we have made substantial progress on a number of areas, which I will describe here.


Apply unique file nomenclature using USERID!  Take advantage of a new option that automatically names all captured content using the employee's user ID. This is applied within BlackBerry Control, in the Policy Set section, under App-Specific Policies (CAPTOR for BlackBerry/Good). Find the field that controls the file nomenclature and enter the wildcard value $USERID$. From this point forward, when an employee takes a photo, the system will automatically generate a file name that begins with the user ID (for example, jsmith076.jpg). The value to the organization is adding one more way to identify the origins of corporate content, and to ease sorting/routing if the content is placed in a CMS.

Highlighter function for text, arrows, and drawings!  One of the most frequently requested features is a highlighter tool to mark up photos and documents. This feature is now found when you are in the Edit screen and select text labels, arrows, or drawing tool, and works with all eight colors to produce a semi-transparent annotation. 

PDF page size options and improved scanned document quality!  Document scanning has become one of the most popular features of CAPTOR, and we are committed to improving the workflow and quality. This new update introduces a Page Size option when you share a PDF to ensure that the file is formatted correctly. To test, just attempt to share any PDF, and you will see a new selector for Auto, Letter, Legal, A4, and A5. This is essential when scanning odd size receipts for expense reports. There were also improvements made to the use of the flash during document scanning sessions.

BlackBerry Dynamics SDK! No update would be complete without incorporating the latest SDK to ensure all security services are up to date and any new BlackBerry bug-fixes or enhancements. This particular SDK release resolves a conflict related to having multiple authentication delegates set, replaces all the Good iconography with BlackBerry, and more.

Please send all feedback to and be sure to reference "CAPTOR for BlackBerry 2.7.1" in the subject line.