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Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content. CAPTOR has been called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, combining photo, video, and audio capture with full document scanning, encrypted containerized storage, and IT controls to manage how content is created, stored, and shared. 




CAPTOR 3.1.1 Release Notes

Josh Bohls

Today marks the release of CAPTOR 3.1.1 across all our platforms (BlackBerry Dynamics, MobileIron AppConnect, and AirWatch AppConfig) and we are excited to share some highlights.


The first thing everyone will notice is our new home screen layout. This is the first redesign of the home screen in two years. We have been gathering user feedback and one of the points we heard was that we needed to decrease the taps to accomplish a task. This release brings all capture modes (photo, video, etc) to the home screen, so you no longer have to launch a capture session and then select the mode. 50% taps!

We also moved the Folders button to the bottom, left of the recently captured or edited files. 

Finally, we shrunk the CAPTOR logo and moved it up to the top of the screen. 

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You may notice from the home screenshot we have added something completely new - QR!

QR (Quick Response) codes represent a fairly important security risk. A bad actor can hide a malicious link or file within a QR code and trick a user into scanning it with a phone. Most QR code readers on iTunes do not give the user a chance to review the link before proceeding. Our goal is to present the user with as much information about the link as possible before they launch the website. In addition, CAPTOR will utilize the secure browser (Web@Work, BlackBerry Access, etc) on the device allowing a second layer of protection.


You can now edit the file name of anything you capture by opening the content and tapping the info button (i). 


This version includes better handling of the state where a MobileIron user attempts to launch CAPTOR but for one reason or another MobileIron services are unable to supply the decryption key to unlock the CAPTOR database. 


Due to fact all capture modes are now accessed from the home screen, there was no longer a need for the "Default Capture Mode" EMM policy. If you have the policy set in BlackBerry UEM or Control, or MobileIron Core or Cloud, or AirWarch, the 3.1.1 version of CAPTOR will simply ignore the policy.  

QR Code Example

CAPTOR for BlackBerry Dynamics 2.7.8

Josh Bohls

Today marked the release of CAPTOR for BlackBerry version 2.7.8 on iTunes. Our team has made many improvements behind the scenes- fixing bugs, improving security, and performance - but the primary change that you will notice is the new file nomenclature system. 

After conducting a survey of customers, it was decided that the old numerical file naming system was not sufficient. The survey also informed us that we needed to handle a few edge cases, such as when sharing a ZIP archive or a collection of photos in the PDF format, which were not handled in a manner consistent with other content and file formats. 

The new file nomenclature system incorporates the date and time the content was captured. The structure will follow:  filenamebase_YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_SS. Remember, filenamebase is set within BlackBerry Control App Specific Policies, and can be either a text string or a wildcard value of $USERID$ which will set each user's unique userid as the filenamebase. For example, if user tsmith took a photo today, the file name might be "tsmith_2017-08-23_10_19_22.jpg". 

This file nomenclature system is now in place for all file formats and all sharing situation. Please feel free to send feedback to 

CAPTOR for Good rebranded as BlackBerry

Josh Bohls

As all of our "heritage Good Technology" customers know, there is a big effort underway at BlackBerry to rebrand all of the go-forward apps and services (Good Work is now BlackBerry Work, etc). We are proud to announce that the next version of CAPTOR for Good will be released next week with a new app icon and name - CAPTOR for BlackBerry. 

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