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Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content. CAPTOR has been called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, combining photo, video, and audio capture with full document scanning, encrypted containerized storage, and IT controls to manage how content is created, stored, and shared. 




CAPTOR for Good rebranded as BlackBerry

Josh Bohls

As all of our "heritage Good Technology" customers know, there is a big effort underway at BlackBerry to rebrand all of the go-forward apps and services (Good Work is now BlackBerry Work, etc). We are proud to announce that the next version of CAPTOR for Good will be released next week with a new app icon and name - CAPTOR for BlackBerry. 

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New Version of CAPTOR™ By Inkscreen Offers Mobile Data Capture, Governance and Control for Sensitive Enterprise Data; Will Be Demonstrated at Gartner Security Summit

Josh Bohls

Enterprise Mobility Solution Turns BYOD and Company-Provisioned Mobile Devices into a Fully-Secured Business Camera and Document Scanner That is Easy to Manage.

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