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CAPTOR: Secure Mobile Capture of Any Business Content

CAPTOR™ by Inkscreen enables the secure capture and management of sensitive business-related content—scanned documents and photos, and video/audio recordings. Mobile users can then securely store and share files or transfer to a database. The solution also leverages IT policies, metadata and watermarking to identify, track and manage captured content. 

CAPTOR supports content-driven business workflows and operates in nearly any mobile environment imaginable while generating several key business benefits:

Securely Capture

  • DOCUMENTS: Scan multi-page paper documents, annotate and save as a PDF (v1.3-1.7 + PDF/A).
  • PHOTOS: Capture high-resolution photos, annotate and save custom metadata and captions.
  • VIDEOS: Record, edit and apply “credits” to high-quality videos.
  • AUDIO: Record and edit ambient audio; save and share as M4A or AIFF files.
  • QR:  Scan a QR code and launch a secure browser after confirmation.

Safely Govern

  • Maintains end-to-end, centralized control over sensitive business content.
  • Enforces policies for secure content capture, storage, access, transfers and archives.
  • Automates captioning and metadata collection (username, time/date, location).
  • Makes it easy to view, filter, sort and search content in the datacenter.

Efficiently Manage

  • Available as a stand-alone, enterprise-grade secure content-capture solution.
  • Compatible with AppConfig community standards (AirWatch).
  • SDK integrations with leading Enterprise Mobility Management offerings (BlackBerry, MobileIron).

CAPTOR Key Features and Benefits

  • Multiple Capture Modes: Photo, Video, Audio, QR, and Document—CAPTOR is multiple apps in one, combining a camera, audio recorder, QR code reader, and document scanner into a single app.
  • Encrypted Data Container: Protects sensitive data residing on devices and in transit while also preventing access to content on lost/stolen devices.
  • Governance/Policy Controls: Allows IT to dictate each user’s ability to capture, edit/annotate, copy/paste, print, share and delete business content.
  • Isolated Data Container: Separates business files from personal files; business files can be wiped without impacting personal privacy.
  • Annotations: Direct attention, redact text or enhance understanding with arrows, labels, free-hand drawings and other annotations.
  • Captions and Metadata: Automatic captions for username, time/date, location and notes; all affixed as metadata and visibly stamped on the media.

To learn more about how CAPTOR can support your industries business processes, visit our Solutions page.

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