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Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content. CAPTOR has been called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, combining photo, video, and audio capture with full document scanning, encrypted containerized storage, and IT controls to manage how content is created, stored, and shared. 




CAPTOR for BlackBerry Dynamics 2.7.8

Josh Bohls

Today marked the release of CAPTOR for BlackBerry version 2.7.8 on iTunes. Our team has made many improvements behind the scenes- fixing bugs, improving security, and performance - but the primary change that you will notice is the new file nomenclature system. 

After conducting a survey of customers, it was decided that the old numerical file naming system was not sufficient. The survey also informed us that we needed to handle a few edge cases, such as when sharing a ZIP archive or a collection of photos in the PDF format, which were not handled in a manner consistent with other content and file formats. 

The new file nomenclature system incorporates the date and time the content was captured. The structure will follow:  filenamebase_YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_SS. Remember, filenamebase is set within BlackBerry Control App Specific Policies, and can be either a text string or a wildcard value of $USERID$ which will set each user's unique userid as the filenamebase. For example, if user tsmith took a photo today, the file name might be "tsmith_2017-08-23_10_19_22.jpg". 

This file nomenclature system is now in place for all file formats and all sharing situation. Please feel free to send feedback to