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PhotoInk is a secure camera app enabling the control and management of business-related photos on mobile devices, and the ability to insert a photo into any existing workflow that begins with a photo.

CAPTOR™ by Inkscreen enables your staff to use the mobile devices of choice to securely scan business documents and capture media such as photos, video and audio in order to accelerate every-day tasks that drive your business processes. Whether your staff needs digital copies of signed contracts, scanned copies of receipts, photos of meeting notes on the whiteboard, or audio recordings of legal depositions, leveraging the convenience of CAPTOR generates benefits across every business sector. 

Enhance productivity, eliminate Shadow IT, and take back control of captured content with CAPTOR.

Healthcare - Insurance - Law Enforcement - Financial Services - Manufacturing - Energy - Legal


Healthcare practitioners can use photos and videos for a wide variety of scenarios. Remote nurses and hospice workers can document patient status, medical equipment, prescriptions and recovery progress. Surgeons and doctors can document procedures for patient files and collaborate with other physicians for help with diagnosis. Medical staff can also save multiple photos and documents as a single multi-page PDF, with support to meet regulations and digital archiving requirements. CAPTOR can also become a secure camera app for physicians, giving them the ability to annotate (text labels, arrows), share, and store sensitive patient data while keeping it safe throughout its entire lifecycle. CAPTOR data handling meets HIPAA requirements, and metadata allows easy identification of photographers, where images were captured, and other custom notes enterer by the healthcare professionals using the app. Read more.


Insurance claims adjusters can use photos and videos to document property damage with an easy, straight-forward way to annotate photos and securely attach them to the appropriate claims file. Adjusters can also scan forms completed and signed by customers at their place of residence or business. In addition, IT gains the ability to support their BYOD program while still maintaining full control over business media involving customer information and other sensitive data. Read more.


Federal, state and local law enforcement are tasked with collecting crime scene evidence, interviewing witnesses and documenting incidents. They thus require a secure solution that enables complete control over and integrity of evidence starting with the exact time of capture to meet local, state and federal standards. CAPTOR can be connected to evidence repository systems (both cloud-based and on-premises) to act as an evidence capture end-point; two examples include dash-mounted video systems and on-person vest cameras. IT can manage precisely how sensitive photos, videos and documents are stored and shared, and delete all sensitive media should a mobile device be lost or stolen; leaving any personal photos and videos intact. Photos can also be annotated and labeled to direct attention to items that would otherwise be lost once they leave the field. Custom and standard metadata is automatically captured and can be used to easily sort, identify and retrieve media when it comes time to produce and present the evidence.


Loan officers can use their mobile phone and tablet to access a secure version of their camera enabling them to snap pictures and embed them into business documents and forms. Bank managers can capture whiteboard sessions after meetings while the back-office staff can scan sensitive documents and convert to PDF. CAPTOR takes picture-taking a step further by providing photo annotation capabilities, IT-managed policies, separation of personal and business photos in a BYOD program, and integration into existing storage solutions and/or forms and processes. Read more.


Floor supervisors can use their mobile devices to document defects in the manufacturing process, equipment maintenance requirements, facility operations, packaging problems and even deliveries. For facilities that are secured and contain sensitive trade secrets, unpublicized products or confidential processes, CAPTOR can be leveraged as a secure camera solution to capture all sensitive manufacturing photos and videos. This gives IT complete authority over how media is stored and shared. Integrations can also be established to streamline the sharing and documentation of these photos, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity of floor staff.


Oil field service workers, telecom engineers, utility technicians and nuclear engineers can use photos, videos and scanned forms to document facilities, projects, services, and many other sensitive elements. In the case of service work, photos can be used to log the service within a ticket system or application. CAPTOR also enables sensitive photos, videos and documents to be managed securely and separated from personal photos in a BYOD program. The solution also integrates into existing processes and workflows to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity, even when the work is being done in the field.


Lawyers can capture recorded audio and video depositions and take photos for case files that contain sensitive material and require strict management and control. They can also scan contracts and discovery documents as a PDF. CAPTOR enables an easy way for attorneys to produce videos that automatically log who captured the content as well as when and where the content was captured. Media can then be shared through IT-approved channels to sync with the firm’s case file collection systems. Read more.

With CAPTOR, mobile users can securely store and share files or transfer to a database. The solution leverages IT policies, metadata and watermarking to identify, track and manage captured content.

Ultimately, CAPTOR helps your business find the right balance—leveraging technology to increase user productivity and accelerate business workflows while keeping business content safe and in compliance with regulations.

CAPTOR operates as a secure stand-alone enterprise offering, as an AppConfig app, a BlackBerry/Good-secured app, and as a MobileIron AppConnect app.

If you’re ready to mobilize your workforce content, request a free trial of CAPTOR today.