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PhotoInk for MobileIron, part of the MobileIron AppConnect Program, is a secure camera app enabling enterprise and government customers the ability to secure and control business-related photos captured on a mobile device and shared through encrypted channels.


CAPTOR™ for MobileIron is an AppConnect app for the secure capture and management of sensitive business-related content. The solution can scan documents, snap photos, and record video/audio. Mobile users can then securely store and share files with coworkers or transfer to a central database. CAPTOR leverages IT policies, metadata, and watermarking to identify, track, and manage captured content.

  • PHOTOS: Capture high-resolution photos, apply annotations (text labels, drawings, and arrows), custom metadata, and caption including username, location, time/date, and note.

  • DOCUMENTS: Scan multi-page paper documents, apply annotations, and save as PDF. Supports all versions of PDF including 1.3 - 1.7 as well as PDF/A.

  • VIDEOS: Record video, edit, and apply “credits” identifying username, location, time/date, and note.

  • AUDIO: Record ambient audio, edit, save, and share as M4A or AIFF files.

  • QR: Scan a QR code and launch the secure browser after confirmation.


As an integrated AppConnect solution, CAPTOR is ideal for businesses that have already deployed or are about to deploy the MobileIron mobile device management platform. CAPTOR for MobileIron encrypts all captured content in a secure container, and internal IT teams can apply policy controls to prevent data leakage and manage every aspect of how content is created and managed. IT can also wipe the CAPTOR container that stores all business files if an employee loses a mobile device or leaves the organization.

Key Features and Benefits

Four Capture Modes: Photo, Video, Audio, and Document Scanner:  CAPTOR is four apps in one, combining a camera, video recorder, audio recorder, and document scanner into one single app to capture all types of content for business.

QR Code Reader: Snap QR Codes and evaluate the URL before proceeding. Also enforces the use of MobileIron Web@Work browser.

Encrypted Data Container:  Protects sensitive data residing on devices and in transit while also preventing access to content on lost/stolen devices.

Backup Service: Automate the backup of all captured content using Microsoft OneDrive®, WebDAV, SFTP, or SMB2 transfer protocols to a central network content server. Utilize MobileIron Sentry and AppTunnel to encrypt and monitor the data traffic.

Governance/Policy Controls:  Allows IT to dictate each user’s ability to copy/paste and print, restrict file sharing, establish a file nomenclature system, and much more.

Offline Content Capture:  Enables a user to capture content even when in a completely disconnected environment without access to WiFi or cellular service.

Isolated Data Container:  Stores business files in separate container from personal files; allows business files to be wiped without impacting personal files.

Annotations:  Apply annotations to the content—such as arrows, text labels, and free-hand drawings—in order to direct attention, redact text, or enhance understanding.

Captions and Metadata:  Automatically add captions to photos and videos containing the username, time/date of capture, location of capture, and 75-character note. All elements are visibly stamped on media and affixed as metadata.


Enhanced Productivity Supported by Secure Content Capture


Whether your business captures receipts, contracts, identification cards, or photos—or your mobile users record video or conversations—CAPTOR for MobileIron provides the perfect solution: Increasing employee productivity and accelerating business workflows while protecting your vital business assets.