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CAPTOR 3.4.0 - Updates to Backup Service & File Management

Josh Bohls

This week marks the release of CAPTOR 3.4.0. Here are some highlights:

  • New folder and file management options. The goal here was to modernize and standardize how a user interacts with folders and files within the app. We incorporated some natural gestures, such as swiping left on a folder to reveal options to edit the folder name, share the contents of the folder, delete the folder, or backup the contents of the folder (if enabled). Within a folder you can switch between three different viewing modes (small thumbnails, large thumbnails, and list view). Within the list view, you can swipe left on a file to reveal options to delete, edit, share, or add to favorites. We added a Sort button to order files by name, type, or capture date. Finally, we added a Select button - tap Select and then highlight one or more files to reveal options to move, share, or delete.

  • “Favorite” files. We added a new default folder named Favorites. To add a file, go to the folder it’s in and toggle to list view. Swipe left on the file and tap Favorite. The file will remain in the original folder, but also be represented in the Favorites folder. The benefit is to provide the ability to find files quicker, but this also allows you to share files that are in different folders as one attachment.

  • SFTP SSH2/RSA Key support. Customers using the SFTP data transfer protocol to backup files from the CAPTOR app can now utilize SSH2/RSA keys to authenticate. Most implementations using SSH2 Keys will require the end user to copy and paste the key into the CAPTOR app (Settings>Backup Config>SFTP>SSH Keys). The additional required settings (host, port, path..) can be set within Core.

  • Microsoft OneDrive backup option. We now support backup from CAPTOR to Microsoft OneDrive. If this option is enabled, the user will need to go to Settings>Backup Config>OneDrive, verify the path and then tap Authorize. This will launch a webview with instructions to enter a username and password to connect the CAPTOR app with your OneDrive account.

We hope you enjoy these powerful new features. Please share feedback and report any issues by emailing Cheers! Josh