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Improvements to backup service, error handling, and logging

Josh Bohls

This information applies to CAPTOR for MobileIron 3.3.1, CAPTOR for Enterprise 3.3.1, and CAPTOR for BlackBerry 3.3.2.

Log Files: We have added error codes and more definition to the log files without exposing any sensitive information. We also added a new method to share log files using the Open In protocol so you can now attach to Email+ or Docs@Work or any other secure app approved by IT policy that can accept a text file.

Test Configuration Button: We created a way for you to test the backup configuration settings from within CAPTOR. Go to Settings>Backup Config> (choose the protocol you are using). Tap the Test button to validate your settings. If the system detects a problem you will be presented with an error message and code. If your backup system is configured to run Manually, you will see the same error message and code when attempting to run an actual backup (found in the Folder view).

If you need any assistance setting up the CAPTOR backup service, please send an email to