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CAPTOR 3.2.0 - PDF Password & More




CAPTOR 3.2.0 - PDF Password & More

Josh Bohls

CAPTOR 3.2.0 is set to be released in October 2018 with the following updates:


PDF Password: When sharing content in PDF file format, you will notice a new option to apply a PDF Password. This will encrypt and restrict access to the file once it has been shared outside of CAPTOR. We added a copy button to the right of the text box so you can easily copy and paste the password into an email or note, depending on how your IT Administrator has allowed copy and paste through the MDM policy.

Improved Log Files: We enhanced the logging capabilities of the app to aid in diagnosing problems. If you ever need to access the log files or send logs to Inkscreen Support, from CAPTOR go to Settings > Help > Email Log Files. Please note this feature will only work if you have an authorized email app on the device.

Official iOS 12 Support: The prior release of CAPTOR (v3.1.7) supported iOS 12 however this new update ensures that all iOS 12 features are supported, and all iOS devices currently available are supported.