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Content Search

Josh Bohls

CAPTOR 3.1.7 introduces a new search tool to help you access content quicker. The search button is found on the main Folder screen (look for a magnifying glass icon). We wanted to make the CAPTOR search function comprehensive and simple at the same time.

From the main Folder screen, tap the magnifying glass, enter a keyword, and tap Search on the keyboard. The system is designed to search most of the textual information it has on your content. This includes the following data:

  • File Name

  • Text Label Annotations

  • Folder Name

  • Media Notes

As a reminder, Media Notes are found by opening any photo, video, or audio file and tapping on the “i” button. This displays the file name, user, time/date, location, and allows for a long note to be added as well. Go ahead and test it out!