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CAPTOR for BlackBerry Dynamics 2.7.8

Josh Bohls

Today marked the release of CAPTOR for BlackBerry version 2.7.8 on iTunes. Our team has made many improvements behind the scenes- fixing bugs, improving security, and performance - but the primary change that you will notice is the new file nomenclature system. 

After conducting a survey of customers, it was decided that the old numerical file naming system was not sufficient. The survey also informed us that we needed to handle a few edge cases, such as when sharing a ZIP archive or a collection of photos in the PDF format, which were not handled in a manner consistent with other content and file formats. 

The new file nomenclature system incorporates the date and time the content was captured. The structure will follow:  filenamebase_YYYY-MM-DD_HH_MM_SS. Remember, filenamebase is set within BlackBerry Control App Specific Policies, and can be either a text string or a wildcard value of $USERID$ which will set each user's unique userid as the filenamebase. For example, if user tsmith took a photo today, the file name might be "tsmith_2017-08-23_10_19_22.jpg". 

This file nomenclature system is now in place for all file formats and all sharing situation. Please feel free to send feedback to