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Secure Content Capture



Employees want to use their phones and tablets to do their jobs better and faster. Take a moment to investigate how they work: your employees probably use apps to scan documents and their personal phone cameras to take pictures and record videos. They also likely use one or more personal cloud storage and email apps to save and share content. Dig deeper and you will find your business data inside this same,  unmanaged environment—often referred to as Shadow IT.

While productivity may rise, so does the risk; data could be lost, stolen, misused or otherwise inappropriately shared. IT needs to maintain control—but not at the expense of productivity. These problems, and the consequences of inaction, are magnified in the European Union as the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) take effect and other laws are considered around the world.

CAPTOR by Inkscreen answers this challenge—keeping your business content secure in BYOD and corporate-owned mobile environments while giving your employees the flexibility to use their devices productively.

Inkscreen develops secure content capture apps to serve government and enterprise customers across a wide array of industries:

Insurance – Legal – Government – Defense – Financial Services – Manufacturing – Healthcare