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September 19, 2018: CAPTOR 3.1.7 Released with content search

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018: INKSCREEN SElected by the state of texas economic development Team to exhibit at mobile world congress americas 2018

OCTOBER 24, 2017:  INKscreen recognized as "best mobile security you're missing out on"

FEBRUARY 2, 2017:  CAPTOR for good rebranded CAPTOR for Blackberry with 2.7.1 Release

NOVEMBER 3, 2016:  Consumer-Grade Mobile Document Scanning Apps Pose Risk to Jobsite and Corporate Data

JUNE 8, 2016:  New Version of CAPTOR™ By Inkscreen Offers Mobile Data Capture, Governance and Control for Sensitive Enterprise Data; Will Be Demonstrated at Gartner Security Summit

may 23, 2016:  INKSCREEN CAPTOR SECURES MOBILE CONTENT for construction industry

MAY 11, 2016:  Inkscreen Demonstrates CAPTOR™ for MobileIron at Mobile First Conference

March 9, 2016:  Our Stance on "Apple vs. FBI" San Bernardino Situation

February 24, 2016:  photoink is now Captor - find out why!

february 23, 2016:  inkscreen joins the appconfig community

October 26, 2015:  Inkscreen Announces Integration with MobileIron AppConnect

May 13, 2015:  Guess who achieved the VerAfied security rating from Veracode?

Watch Inkscreen founder Josh Bohls interview with Matt Sturges, VP of Good Dynamics at Good Technology.