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Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content. CAPTOR has been called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, combining photo, video, and audio capture with full document scanning, encrypted containerized storage, and IT controls to manage how content is created, stored, and shared. 



PhotoInk for Good is a secure camera app integrated with Good Technology's secure collaboration suite, enabling enterprise and government customers the ability to secure and control business-related photos captured on a mobile device and shared through encrypted channels.

CAPTOR™ offers unparalleled security and management of business related content, including annotation capabilities, workflow integration, and collaboration. Capture photos, videos, audio, and documents with CAPTOR!

CAPTOR is integrated with Good Technology and takes advantage of Good's patented containerization approach to securing data while on the device and in transit. This Good Dynamics enabled app allows mobile users to capture and annotate high resolution digital photographs, record video and audio, and scan paper documents to PDF.

CAPTOR has been designed to fit a wide array of use cases in insurance, financial services, legal, government, law enforcement, defense, automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. CAPTOR™ is available on iTunes or download a datasheet.

With CAPTOR™ you can:

  • PHOTO:  Securely capture, edit, annotate, store, and share photos
  • VIDEO:  Record short videos with automated captions; IT controls to limit file size
  • AUDIO:  Record ambient audio; meetings or legal depositions
  • DOCUMENTS:  Scan paper documents, receipts, etc, annotate, and save as PDF
  • PDF version 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, plus all PDF/A subtypes
  • Media retain maximum resolution allowed by the device
  • Edit photos using contrast, rotation, and cropping tools (but retain original)
  • Annotate with text labels, drawing tools, and arrows
  • Caption media with time/date stamp, GPS location, username, and note (75 char)
  • Save content to a secure container separate from personal photos (BYOD or COPE)
  • Share via GFE or Good Work email, Good Share, or other IT policy approved apps

CAPTOR™ provides data loss protection benefits including military-grade encryption both in transit and at rest, as well as the ability to maintain control over the mobile app by leveraging the Good Dynamics security platform and libraries.


CAPTOR™ for Good gives end users dynamic photo annotation capabilities and allows users to leverage security features in Good Dynamics including:

  • Encrypt photos with FIPS-certified encryption from end-to-end – on the device and in transit
  • Secure sharing options with other Good Dynamics enabled apps using AppKinetics™
  • Ability to securely separate personal and enterprise content, respecting user privacy and supporting BYOD/COPE initiatives
  • Ability to set numerous policy requirements such as establishing group access, controlling app versioning and update release, and password protocols
  • App-Specific policies can be set to control PDF version (1.3-1.7), importing content, file nomenclature, video capabilities, etc.
  • Access and all related data can be remotely revoked or wiped entirely by IT, without disruption to the device or personal data.

CAPTOR™ is available on iTunes. Request a trial, or purchase an activation code by contacting the Good Technology Sales Team.