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Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content. CAPTOR has been called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, combining photo, video, and audio capture with full document scanning, encrypted containerized storage, and IT controls to manage how content is created, stored, and shared. 



Secure Content Capture

PHOTOS - Videos - documents - audio

Your employees are using unsecured, unmanaged mobile apps to capture sensitive business-related content today. Don't believe us? Grab your nearest coworker and ask to see his phone. Chances are you'll find a consumer grade document scanning app, photo and video apps built to create beautiful Facebook posts, and probably a cloud file sync app that is not approved by IT. Dig deeper and you'll find that employee has been using these apps at work - scanning business contracts, photographing whiteboards, recording a meeting...

This captured data is instantly at risk - maybe synced to iCloud or Family Sharing, or an app vendor's server - and a leak could be costly, embarrassing, and hugely disruptive to your business.

Inkscreen helps government and enterprise customers securely capture and manage content on mobile devices.


The promise of mobile is really the promise of productivity - creating new processes and improving legacy workflows using the power of smartphones and tablets that can be taken anywhere and are always connected. These processes need to be fast, efficient, and simple. 


The “consumerization of IT” is in full swing. Whether your company offers a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) program, mobile devices are being used for work and personal life, and it doesn't take much imagination to see the potential data security problems that are introduced. As an IT manager, you do everything you can to separate business functions and data from the employee's personal side - a goal that serves the interests of both the Company and the employee. 


And finally, consider the sensitive nature of this content. Do they involve private facilities or projects? Do they depict customers or patients who have rights to privacy? Do they contain potentially useful information to your competitors? Chances are, you want to protect, secure, and manage this sensitive content from the moment of capture, including how they are stored and shared. Gartner predicted 75% of mobile apps will fail security tests - what costs would be incurred if your Company experienced a breach resulting in sensitive photos being released to the world? 

Inkscreen develops secure content capture apps to serve government and enterprise customers across a wide array of industries.

Insurance – Legal – Government – Defense – Financial Services – Manufacturing – Healthcare